Fire Safe Membrane

Fire Safe Membrane

If you are looking for fire safe membranes for your home, you are in the right place. Here, you will learn about a number of different companies that manufacture and sell them. You will also find information about the types of membranes that they offer and the features of each one. These are some of the best products on the market, and they are well worth considering.

Effisus Breather FR

The Effisus Breather FR Fire Safe Membrane is an innovative fire-resistant membrane system. It is a fire-rated system which can protect the facade of your building from flames, water and wind. Effisus combines the latest in high performance weatherproofing technologies to create a system which provides exceptional thermal resistance and fire protection.

This waterproofing system is suitable for flat roofs, green roofs, and various other applications. A patented self-extinguishing polymer is used to make the membrane. Combined with a special bitumen membrane, the system is able to recover grey water from roofs.

The Effisus Breather RF Fire Safe Membrane is designed to offer the best of all worlds, combining the performance and features of an open joint membrane with the benefits of a closed joint system. Designed to protect the entire facade composition, the system offers fire resistance, insulation, and durability.

It can be installed on an external sheathing board, and can also be installed in a sheating board. In addition, it provides excellent UV protection and is moisture resistant.

DuPont FireCurb(r)

DuPont Tyvek FireCurb is a halogen-free, advanced fire safe membrane. This high-performance barrier has been patented by DuPont. It provides exceptional vapour control and flame retardancy to buildings and complies with Euroclass B (EN13501-1) standards.

Tyvek FireCurb is the result of a breakthrough in materials science and chemistry that offers new possibilities for building owners and architects. In addition to reducing the cost of fires and providing a higher level of safety for occupants, it also has a low environmental impact.

DuPont has been a leading innovator in fire safety for over fifty years. They offer a comprehensive range of products that are easy to install, and fully regulatory compliant. Their membranes have a wide variety of benefits, including high performance protection from wind, water, and fire.

DuPont has added a patented flame-retardant coating to its Tyvek breather membranes, resulting in a range of breather membranes that are designed to give superior protection to a building’s walls, roof, or facades. These breather membranes also help to improve the interior comfort and energy efficiency of the building.

IKO Secura

IKO Secura is an excellent example of a fire safe membrane, if you are looking for a high quality waterproofing solution for your flat roof, you need not look any further. Aside from its obvious advantages, Secura is a self-adhesive, albeit slightly time consuming, cladding that provides the ultimate in protection and longevity. In addition, it is a green roofing material aficionado’s dream, as it does the trick for grey water recovery as well.

Aside from its many virtues, Secura is a one-piece, bitumen-based, self-adhesive, cladding that provides the ultimate in resistance and longevity. The unique halogen free coating reduces formation of water droplets, while the cleverly engineered polymer is a smidy compared to the aforementioned molar. Also, the patented polymer shaves off a few pounds of energy and is relatively easy to clean, particularly with mineral spirits. So, what is the best fire safe cladding for your home? This guide will help you figure out which membrane is the right one for your project.


In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, architects and builders have begun to recognise the importance of new building regulations. This is reflected in the specification of FlameOut fire safe membranes. These products are designed to provide long-term protection to the building envelope.

Building membranes are made from a patented self-extinguishing polymer. They are used in roof and wall installations and ensure the long-term safety of the building envelope. Using specialist membranes also offers energy efficiency.

Powerlon FlameOutTM is a house wrap breather membrane that provides a strong, lightweight, durable and breathable surface for the protection of timber walls. It is available in a variety of colours and can be installed on both open and closed ventilated rainscreens.

DuPont has developed a patented breather membrane that can achieve a Euroclass B rating. The membrane has many properties including high flame retardancy and is airtight.

FLAMEOUT(r) BREATHE is a breathable non-woven fabric that has superior self-extinguishing flame retardant properties. It is independently tested to the EN 13501-1 standard.






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